Hospice Awareness Week Update

Posted Sunday June 2, 2024
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HAW generated some great coverage for Palliative care issues both locally and Nationally.

We had a story in the odt on our own hospice campaign:


And another in The Star:


Nationally there was a long form Interview on RNZ's The Detail about the overall state of the service in New Zealand:


It also featured on the online news platform The News Room:


While we had great hopes for our text to donate campaign, unfortunately it didn't flourish like we had hoped. Counter to that we had terrific profile building with our social networks going gangbusters - our facebook reach over the month was 25020 with engagement at 5518,. And our website was triple normal visitors with a total of 4027 and donations of $6985 via website (typically our regular donors don't use this portal for donating, so we can assume that these are new donors).


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