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Palliative Care Handbook

This popular resource is now in its 8th edition. The aim of this handbook is to make palliative care understandable for healthcare professionals, using clear, logical layout and understandable explanations of how to manage and cope with problems that can be very challenging. It includes new sections on dementia, nutrition and de-prescribing.

The handbook is useful in any place where palliative care happens - it gives confidence to those who use it and therefore hopefully comfort to the people approaching the end of their lives.

Download the Palliative Care Handbook.

Hospice NZ

End of Life Services - Te Hokinga ā Wairua

Find information about what to do, and services that might be available to you, following the death of a loved one. Te Hokinga ā Wairua provides information and support to guide you and your whānau  through this difficult time. Visit