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Several years ago, the New Zealand government pledged $7 million to support hospices in creating new, innovative and ongoing services working with aged residential care and primary care. Otago Community Hospice undertook an extensive consultation process before developing a team of Clinical Nurse Specialists specifically tasked with fostering closer partnerships with their colleagues in the aged care sector.

Since 2016, our residential care  team has been working alongside staff in hospital-level aged care facilities throughout the Otago region, helping to ensure the hospice philosophy is incorporated into all areas where people are receiving palliative care. The  residential care team is focussed on empowering aged care facility staff to better manage the inevitable increase in need for palliative care services, and develop a better appreciation of how Hospice can best support their needs into the future.

For more information contact our residential care team on 0800 473 6005 or 03 473 6005.