Fundraising Team - New Look!

Posted Thursday August 12, 2021
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Becs Wilson (front left) - who has lead the fundraising team over the last 4 years - has moved to a casual position with Otago Hospice and the rest of the team have picked up some new bits and pieces. Read all about how the fundraising team is now structured.

The Hospice fundraising team is now made up of four parts:

Fundraising Coordinator: Amy Ruthven (back left) looks after the social media, website, corporate supporters, the Monarch Club and events happening in the community as well as events run by Hospice. For example anything to do with Hospice Awareness Week now sits with Amy. Two weeks in and she is galloping along at a terrific pace and covering all aspects of the role with aplomb.

Retail Development Manager:  Cat Callanan (front middle) looks after everything to do with the Hospice Shop Network, including new project development, sharpening up shop systems, ensuring our shop staff are developing new skills, marketing the shop network and covering of the Shop HR needs.

Fundraising Administrator: Michelle Rowe (front right) looks after all the fundraising finance components, including shop transactions, donations and event revenue. Michelle also manages our lovely donor database (3039 members), the Kowhai Club (for those who make donations over $5000 in any one year), Friends of Hospice (regular givers), bequest admin, the Memorial Walkway and gifted goods and services. So if you need any help with any donations, just give Michelle a call.

Coordinator of Volunteers: Rebecca Shaw (back right) looks after all of our volunteers. She ensures we recruit good volunteers, then ensures these volunteers are well inducted so there are no gaps in their knowledge, she then communicates with them regularly so no volunteer is ever left without knowledge about what is happening at the Hospice and within their roles. She also ensures our staff are the best volunteer managers possible. Our volunteer army contributes more than $800,000 worth of resource each year - so having a very strong volunteer culture is really important.

The team are reporting to Ginny.

And Becs will carry on looking after the OCHeye and other Hospice comms in the short term and will be on site every Monday.