We Need Kitchen Volunteers - Dunedin

Posted Thursday May 23, 2019
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With the outcome of the Inpatient Unit Review – see the story in this edition of the Volunteer News – we need more kitchen volunteers for our afternoon 3 – 6pm shift. The afternoon shift will be one or two volunteers – depending on the experience of the volunteer. We are also looking for Kitchen Volunteers who would be happy to go on our emergency contact list.

Please give Rebecca Shaw a call if:

1. You are already working in the kitchen on a morning shift, but like the idea of a sole charge 3 – 6pm shift.

2. You are a volunteer in some other part of the Hospice, but are interested in shifting to Kitchen Volunteer

3. You are in a position to be available at short notice, and happy to go on our emergency list for Kitchen shifts.

We will start advertising for new kitchen volunteers on our Hospice facebook next week – so please share with anyone you know who might like this role with the Hospice.