Sewing Angels Make the Most of Lockdown

Posted Tuesday April 21, 2020
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During Covid-19 lockdown Alexandra's Sewing Angels have been busy producing their amazing products, all ready for stocking the Alexandra shop when it opens again at Level 2.

Just six months after the Alexandra Hospice Shop opened in December 2015, the Alexandra Sewing Angels created their first collection of Sewing Angel products, made and created by the shop volunteer and first Sewing Angel Jo Davidson.

This amazing team recycles and re-purposes a variety of damaged things (merino clothing, old blankets, T-Shirts and other things that would not sell in the shop).  They create a fantastic range of products (which can be seen in the photos below):

· Booties & Hats knitted

· Socks knitted (up to year 1)

· Recycled Merinos – Beanies, Singlets, Wrist-Warmers, Single layer beanies for summer, snoods

· Dog Toys made out of recycled t-shirts

· T-shirt bags for our customer

· Pillow Cases bags for our customers

· Bags made of recycled wool blankets

· Coats now made by Rosey (before by Jo Davidson)

· Victorian Denim Bustle Dress – made for Trashion Show, now used as promotional tool. On request can be hired.

· Headbands knitted

· Absorbent material made into cleaning rags to supply Workshops locally