Evening Volunteers Paperwork

Posted Sunday April 21, 2024
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Please remember that anything highlighted in yellow needs to be completed by evening volunteers. If it is something that was not required on the night (ie if you did not use the microwave, you do not need to wipe out the microwave), please put a dash in the appropriate area. This shows that this was not required on the night, not that it was overlooked.

There is a lot of paperwork we need to do.  We try and keep this to a minimum, however some replication is necessary: 

The 'Inpatient Daily Diary Requirement' - is where we record what the patient eats (this is the form on the clipboard, where each patient's name and meal order are recorded).  The purpose of this form is to track what a patient is eating and if there are any digestive upsets there is a record that can be followed up.  After two weeks it gets destroyed (as there is no need to keep it, and because it is patient information we need to abide by the Health Information Privacy Code).  

The Daily Diary (the book) is kept for DCC food safety audits (and contains no confidential information).

Therefore whilst there is a duplication of information - it is necessary.