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Posted Monday June 20, 2022
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Hospice/palliative care is concerned with caring for each person’s needs, including physical, social, emotional, and spiritual needs and those of their family/whānau. This is commonly referred to as “holistic care”. The model used at the Hospice is ‘Te Whare Tapa Wha’[1] (the house of the four walls). These are te taha hinengaro (psychological health); te taha wairua (spiritual health); te taha tinana (physical health); and te taha whānau (family health).

Even though a disease may be incurable, it doesn’t mean nothing can be done. Our main goal is to work with the patient and their family/whānau to help attain the best quality of life for the duration of their life.

Our focus is to look after patients and whanau whose needs have exceeded the resources, knowledge or skill of their primary palliative carers. We are a specialist service. 

[1] Mason Durie