Evening Volunteers Paperwork

Posted Tuesday June 27, 2023
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Please remember that anything highlighted in yellow needs to be completed by evening volunteers. If it is something that was not required on the night (ie if you did not use the microwave, you do not need to wipeout the microwave), please put a dash in the appropriate area. This shows that this was not required on the night, not that it was overlooked.

There is a lot of paperwork that we need to do.  We try and keep this to a minimum, this is why we have updated the 'Inpatient Daily Diet Requirements' - we had a replication that no longer serves a purpose (please see the article discussing this further).

However, some replication does serve a purpose.  The 'Inpatient Daily Dairy Requirement' has patient details on it and gets thrown out after 2 weeks. The Daily Diary is kept for DCC food safety audits (and contains no confidential information), so whilst it is a duplication - it is for a reason!